Updated: 13th Feb 2020

Vegan Cheese – No Dairy, All Taste!

Cheese is one of the things that newly turned vegans or those who are trying out a vegan lifestyle miss most. But fret not as Singapore offers a range of vegan cheese with something to suit every palette. Numerous outlets and specialty stores are selling these now and you may just stumble across your favourite kind in one of their aisles. Whether you want to make them a part of a cheese platter or use them as an ingredient in various recipes – your homemade burgers, pizzas, pastas and the rest will taste just as good (albeit different) as the real deal. Indulgent taste sans the guilt, that’s the new age vegan cheeses for you.

And if you’re looking for more, we’ve also got you covered with Vegan Yogurts / Dairy Free Yogurts in Singapore and Vegan Cakes & Desserts in Singapore.


Let’s start with the artisan vegan cheeses, hands down the best of the lot! There are currently 3 brands of these available in Singapore, all 3 cashew based. Of these, while Kroodi and Nut-culture are made in Singapore, Happy Cashew comes in all the way from Germany.


Kroodi's Vegan Dairy Free Cheese

Winner of 3 awards at the Asia Food Innovation Awards 2019 – Best artisan product, Best free-from product and Best concept; KROODI also holds the distinction of being the 1st plant-based artisan cashew cheese in Singapore. As people grow increasingly conscious about what they consume, Kroodi delivers an award-winning product that is raw, plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and preservatives-free. While we are die-hard fans of Truffi (130gm, S$15), other flavours available are Cheddi Cheez (130gm, S$13), Basilicato Cheez ($19.00) and Red Peppers ($17.50).

Available at: ERL Marketplace, Redmart, SCOOP Wholefoods, Mahota Commune, Supernature, Ryan’s Grocery, Ryan’s Kitchen, Kitchen by Food Rebel and Well Dressed Salad Bar. You can find exact locations at http://kroodi.com/where-to-find-kroodi/

Nut Culture

Nut Culture Vegan Dairy Free Cheese

The folks at Nut Culture believe that our bodies should be fueled with the best nature has to offer. To that end, all Nut Culture products are made using wholesome natural ingredients that are soured from organic and sustainable suppliers. All products are dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. They offer a range of nut butters and nut-based artisan cheeses that are available on Redmart. So up your salad game, stir nut culture into a creamy and rich pasta sauce or impress your friends with an exceptional cheese board with some fruits and crackers! Flavours on offer are Smoked Paprika vegan cheese wheel and Garlic and Herb vegan Cheese wheel, both S$15 for 140gm.

Available at: ERL Marketplace, Redmart, Four Seasons Organic Supermarket, Eat Organic and Shake Farm.

Happy Cashew

Vegan Cheese in Singapore Happy Cashew at PinkiBEans

The vegan cheese alternative for everyone! From ethical vegans, to those who are lactose intolerant, following a paleo diet or are simply exploring a new healthier taste, Happy Cashew promises a happy experience. Using uncooked natural and organic fruits and vegetables, they produce great tasting cheeses like Feta, Camembert and Parmesan with no flavour enhancers, colourings, animal ingredients or artificial flavours. If you’re looking for variety, PinkiBeans stocks a huge range of Happy Cashew Products – Blue Fenugreek “Cream Cheese”, Happy White “Camembert”, the savoury with hints of sweetness Blueberry-Thyme, Tomato Sage, Smoked pepper (our favourite), the fiery Chakalaka that isn’t for the faint-hearted, Herbes de Provence and Cashewsan “Parmesan Cheese” – take your pick from these and more. The prices range from S$18.90 for 100 grams of matured cheeses to S$21.90 for 150 grams of matured cheeses.

Available at: PinkiBeans https://pinkibeans.com/collections/cheese-alternatives



From the house of Field Roast’s Chao Creamery in Washington, comes a wonderful range of dairy-free cheeses. Their cheese is made from Chao, which is a traditional Asian fermented tofu. Instead of shaping their products to mimic dairy products, they have created an innovative range with coconut as the core ingredient and Chao as the seasoning. The cheese looks kind of like marinated feta, as it is sold brined in a small jar, and has the mouthfeel of something like blue cheese. Visit their website for a range of sumptuous recipes here.

Available at: Eat Organic (Creamy Original Chao Slices at S$15.90)


Dedicated to making eating diary-free a wonderful experience, Daiya is not just dairy free but free of the 7 main allergens including soy and peanuts. Gooey cheeses to lip smacking yoghurts, there is everything that you might want to dig into. Their awesome range includes Shreds, Slices, Blocks and Cream Cheese. Daiya is one of the most widely available vegan cheese in Singapore, so top up your veggie pizza with Daiya’s Mozzarella Style Shreds, or fix yourself a veggie sandwich with a Cheddar Style Slice. For those who love a good cream cheese style spread, there is Plain, Strawberry, Chive & Onion and Garden Vegetable to pick from – these can’t be found here all the time but one of the flavours occasionally shows face in Supernature, Eat Organic or Four Seasons.

Available at: Eat Organic (Mozzarella Style Shreds, Cheddar Style Shreds, Cheddar Slices), Supernature (Pepperjack Style Shreds, Mozzarella Style Shreds, Cheddar Style Shreds, Cheddar Slices), Four Seasons Organic Supermarket (Cheddar Style Shreds, Cheddar Slices, Cheddar Block), Redmart (Cheddar Style Slices, Cheddar Shreds, Mozzarella Shreds)

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese Singapore

For non-dairy cheeses you just cannot get enough of, Follow Your Heart is a great bet. Having started with vegan cheeses in 2003 when they came up with the first melting vegan cheese, the American brand now offers a wonderful range of flavours and styles, some of them available here. Follow Your Heart also makes Vegenaise – a heart-healthy, vegan spread that apparently tastes better than mayonnaise.

Available at: Redmart (Mozzarella Style Slices, Provolone Style Slices, Parmesan Style, Vegenaise), Supernature (Parmesan Style Cheese Grated, Parmesan Style Cheese Shreds, Vegenaise), Four Seasons (Mozzarella Style Slices, Provolone Style Slices, American Style Slices, Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella), Eat Organic (American Style Slices)


Tofutti makes a wide range of dairy-free soy based Slices, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream. Not all products are available in Singapore but different flavours can be available from time to time, so we highly recommend calling the store to check availability before you head down.

Available at: Supernature (Better Than Cream Cheese, Mozzarella Style Slices), Four Seasons Organic Supermarket


The Danish company that has been offering dairy and other products since 1947, now offers dairy-free versions of some of its popular cheese.

Available at: Redmart (Cheddar style Dairy free slices S$8.95, Mozzarella style Dairy free slices S$8.95, Original style Dairy free slices S$8.95)


Wheaty, a German brand, offers vegan meat and cheese alternatives ranging from Chorizo and sausages to sliced dairy-free cheese.

Available at: Redmart (Wheaty Organic Smoked Sliced Cheese S$11.90, Wheaty Organic Vegan Sliced Cheese S$11.90)


There’s quite a story behind this British brand, in that it was founded by ex-police officers Bethany and Paul Eaton. Bethany and Paul created Nush out of a desire to do dairy-free differently; to produce a range of ethical, dairy-free products and destroy the myth that dairy-free has to be bland and boring! As far as we can tell, Nush is the only almond-based cheese currently available in Singapore. Every pot of Nush is made with their home-made almond milk ensuring that it  contains a very high percentage of almonds

Available at: Redmart (Nush Vegan Almond Cheese Style Dairy Free Spread Natural S$8.50, Nush Vegan Almond Cheese Style Dairy Free Spread Chive S$8.50, Nush Vegan Almond Cheese Style Dairy Free Spread Sweet Chilli S$8.50)

Vegetarian Cheese – Animal Rennet-Free

If you’re vegetarian and eat dairy cheese, you probably know that several of the cheeses are not actually vegetarian as they contain animal rennet, a complex set of enzymes produced in the stomachs of ruminant mammals used to curdle the casein in milk to make cheese. So, we say just switch to the vegan options above – they’re healthier, cleaner, more ethical and environmentally friendlier. 

But for when you do need to opt for dairy cheese, there are some cheese brands that do not use animal rennet, depending instead on rennet from vegetarian and/or synthetic sources. Indian brands are always a great bet as using animal products would alienate half the population. To be doubly sure, you can look for the green dot (on every Indian food product) that marks the product as vegetarian. We do not have an exhaustive list of vegetarian Cheeses available in Singapore as of now, but here is a start.


Amul Cheese Rennet-Free, Singapore

Amul uses Microbial Rennet from vegetarian sources. Amul cheese is available at Mustafa Supermarket and other Indian grocery stores. The Amul Cheese in Tin is even available at Redmart (we absolutely love this on pizzas, just grate it). Mustafa carries a huge range, here’s what we found there:

  • Amul CheeseSpread, 200gm at S$2.10 (Flavours include Original, Jeera a.k.a. cumin, Tikka Dip, Oregano Pickle, Punchy Pepper, Red Chilli Flakes, Spicey Garlic)
  • Amul Processed Cheddar Cheese, 400gm at S$5.50
  • Amul Processed Cheddar Cheese Squares


Go Cheese uses Microbial Enzyme. Once again, Mustafa carries a huge range, including the following:

  • Go Cheese Slices (Flavours include Plain and Green Chutney)
  • Go Cheezooz Cream Cheese Spread (In a tube; Flavours include Plain and Chocolate)
  • Go Processed Cheese Block & Go Pizza Cheese Block, 200gm at S$2.90, 400gm at S$4.50
  • Go Nacho Cheese Sauce
  • Go CheeseSpread, 200gm (Flavours include Creamy, Four Pepper)


Bega Cheese Rennet-Free, Singapore

(Image credit: Bega’s website)

Bega is the Australian company that makes the famous Vegemite. Their award-winning cheeses are made from cow’s milk with only special cultures, coagulants and salt added. All Bega Natural cheddar cheese is made with non-animal rennet. Bega has a wide range that is available easily at Supermarkets island-wide. Their range includes Bega Smokey BBQ Slices, Bega Black Pepper Cheese Slice, Bega Gourmet Cheese Slices, Shredded Cheddar, Bega Stringers.


Cowhead cheeses are also made from Non-Animal Rennet. Their cheese comes in a variety of types/flavours including Processed Cheddar Cheese Slices, Grated Natural Cheddar Cheese, Shredded Mozarrella, Cheddar Block, Cheese Cube Triangles, Mozzarella Pear Cheese, Parmesan Wedge and more. Cowhead cheese is widely available all across Singapore including Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, Redmart.

So, if like us, you’re a cheese-lover too but have been shying away because of animal-rennet or dairy, you can now have cheese to your heart’s content. And if you know of any brands that we haven’t listed here, please do comment on the article to let us know, so we can include them in.