VeganBurg, Singapore – Redefining Fast Food: Dining Review

Vegan or not, chances are you would have heard of VeganBurg Singapore. The world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint was founded in 2010. “Think fast food is junk food? Think again” is the fabulous tag line that has been associated with the brand since their inception. VeganBurg’s mission, to inspire a revolution of taste and health inspired by plant-based dining options, is surely impressive.

The ambience of the VeganBurg outlet is very fast food like – nice and casual, with mostly functional seating. Do look out for the special benches covered with a carpet of green grass.

VeganBurg Singapore also constantly innovates and attempts to stay connected to popular trends and significant occasions. Last year, we celebrated National Day with VeganBurg’s Chilli Krab Burger, and we got our Halloween chills and Thrills from their spooktacular Thriller Burger. All this flavourful, healthier and yum fast-food – no wonder VeganBurg makes it to the top of our list of The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Burgers in Singapore.

Sweet, spicy and super sedap - VeganBurg Singapore's Rasa Sayang Burger
Sweet, spicy and super sedap – VeganBurg’s Rasa Sayang Burger

VeganBurg Singapore’s super sedap Rasa Sayang (translated into feel the love!!) Burger falls right in tune with Hari Raya Puasa. Nestled on a banana leaf, Rasa Sayang infuses a medley of South East Asian flavours into one compact burger, and the result is simply outstanding. A highlight is the plant-based sunny side up egg created from bean curd skin with the yolk created out of carrot and mung bean. Incidentally, this is the first vegan egg to be launched in Singapore – these guys are all about firsts, aren’t they!

The Rasa Sayang is stuffed with a crisp ‘chik’n’ wheat protein patty and layered with crunchy cucumbers, caramelised onions and vegan aioli, besides the vegan egg. The home-made sambal sauce (that is onion and garlic free) adds a nice zing. Make it a meal with a portion of fries topped with homemade dry coconut and sugar and vegan mayonnaise, and a drink.

I love a cold glass of Bandung and can be quite fussy about it being flavoured right, I found VeganBurg’s soy milk Bandung very impressive, it makes for a perfect accompaniment to the spicy burger. The meal ends with a Chendol Ice Cream that is flavoured with green pandan jelly, coconut and gula melaka. Authentic all the way! The only fault I could find with the meal was that I would have preferred the ice cream to be less flaky and more creamy.

VeganBurg Singapore's Sizzlin' & Smokin' Smoky BBQ
VeganBurg’s Sizzlin’ & Smokin’ Smoky BBQ

Another crowd favourite, the Smoky BBQ Burger has a thick soft patty grilled (rather than deep fried) to perfection, and slathered with plant based cheese and a perfect smoky sweet bbq sauce. Smoky BBQ is stuffed with generous amounts of lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle, and vegan aioli, making for quite a hearty vegan treat. Add on Fries or some Sizzlin’ Broccoli and a drink (their Seasonal Chillers include healthy fresh OJ, Lemon Barley and Thai Mint) and you’re all set for a perfect meal.

A burger at VeganBurg Singapore, is priced between S$8 to S$14 and a meal is priced between S$14 to S$20.

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VeganBurg Singapore Cares

VeganBurg Singapore, Vegan Burgers in Singapore

Team VeganBurg constantly endeavours to make its restaurant healthier and environment friendly. Most of the ingredients used at VeganBurg Singapore are made in-house and recipes are curated to complement the health aspect of each ingredient.

Most of the cutlery used is biodegradable, these guys respect Mother Earth.

There is also an outlet in San Francisco, the restaurant is gaining great ground in the space of vegan fast food there. It is indeed a proud moment that a local homegrown joint has taken the vegan world into a new journey of flavours. So, visit the Eunos outlet for your taste of the Rasa Sayang or their other regulars and go back smiling. You make a difference to not just yourself but also to the environment, while having an experience that is unique and uncompromised.

VeganBurg Singapore: 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502. Website