Vegan Yogurt in Singapore: 10 Healthier, Delicious Brands That Take Care of Your Dairy-Free Yogurt Cravings

Yogurt makes everything better! Have it plain or indulge in yummy flavours. Throw in some granola for breakfast or top it with fruit and you’ve got dessert. With veganism gaining ground in Singapore, there are now several vegan, dairy-free yogurts available here that taste as good as the “real” thing or even better. From the thick creamy deliciousness of coconut yogurt to the smoothness of soy yogurt, these excellent alternatives to diary are in fact healthier for you too. So get your dessert spoons out and dig into these little tubs of happiness.

Looking for more dairy-free and vegan awesomeness? Get a scoop of these vegan ice creams, slice up some yum vegan cheese and spread some health with these vegan dairy-free spreads and nut butters.

Nut Based Dairy-Free, Vegan Yogurt Brands


vegan yogurts, dairy free yogurts in singapore

Nush was founded in UK by ex-police officers, out of a desire to do dairy-free differently. Nush’s Almond Milk Dairy Free Yogurt is made from their own artisan almond milk using organic Sicilian Almonds. Nush also offers a dairy-free Cashew Yogurt range. The Almond Yogs come in flavours like Natural, Raspberry, Caramel & Hibiscus, Blueberry and Peach Melba; while the Cashew Yogs come in Natural, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Available at: Cold Storage, Redmart, SuperNature, select NTUC Fairprice stores, Little Farms, Ryan’s Grocery.

Coconut Based Dairy-Free, Vegan Yogurt Brands

Raglan Coconut Yogurt

Raglan Dairy Free Vegan Yogurt Singaporea

When it comes to vegan yogurts, this award-winning yogurt from New Zealand is a winner, be it in your smoothies, transformed in a dairy-free dip or aioli, used in baking, or just eaten solo as a healthy treat. We also think some of the flavours make for a tasty, healthy dessert treat for kids. Widely available in Singapore, Raglan Coconut Yogurt delivers on everything from taste to diversity of flavours – think Mango & Turmeric, Blackcurrant & Vanilla, Raspberry and Lime.

Available at: RedMart, Cold Storage, Fairprice Finest, Ryan’s Grocery, EatOrganicFarm Fresh, SuperNature, Four Seasons Organic Supermarket. Click here for a complete list of more stockists with addresses.


COYO dairy free yogurt and vegan yogurt in Singapore

Coming to you from down-under, COYO is an award-winning, nutrient-rich plant-based yogurt that is rich in texture, smooth and creamy. COYO is allergen friendly, hence, produced in custom-made ‘coconut only’ commercial kitchens which ensures that no dairy, soy, honey, nuts, gluten, egg or sesame has a chance of cross contaminating these pots of pure goodness. The seven carefully sourced vegan, plant-based cultures create an abundance of gut loving probiotics in COYO’s yogurt range, helping to introduce good bacteria to the gut. Flavours include Natural, Raw Chocolate, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Morello Cherry.

Available at: RedMart, EatOrganic, SuperNature, select NTUC Fairprice stores

Bondi Yoghurt

A Sydney based, family run business, Bondi Yoghurt offers dairy-free coconut based yogurt made with 100% coconut flesh, coconut water, and 5 types of probiotics.

Available at: Little Farms

Coco Tribe

An Australian company, Coco Tribe makes dairy-free ice creams and organic coconut yogurt in small batches. This artisanal vegan yogurt is thick and creamy, making it a delicious dairy alternative.  All Coco Tribe products are vegan, 100% dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. Made using the finest coconuts and plant based ingredients, you can try their Organic Natural and Organic Vanilla Bean flavours.

Available at: Little Farms


The brand that every vegan knows of, Daiya is more than just dairy free, it is free from 7 of the main allergens including soy and peanuts. Daiya’s dairy-free, plant-based range offers everything from cheese to yogurt to chocolate bars to cheesecake. Their delightful yogurts range includes flavours like Black Cherry, Blueberry, Peach and Strawberry.

Available at: Supernature

So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious Dairy Free has been offering dairy-free products for 30 years. The entire line of foods and beverages is certified vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified. So Delicious products do not contain artificial flavors, colours or hydrogenated oils. The yogurts are available in several flavours but we have only been able to find So Delicious Dairy Free Vanilla.

Available at: EatOrganic   

Soy Based Dairy-Free, Vegan Yoghurt Brands


A Belgium based company that believes in making plant based food taste good, Alpro offers a host of vegan options to dairy products. Alpro’s dairy-free yoghurts are available in Singapore in flavours such as Plain, Alpro Soya Natur, Alpro Soya Vanille, Strawberry with Banana, Peach with Pear, B/berry & Cherry, and Blackcurrant & Raspberry Yogurt. So remember that these products can be out of stock at times, so do check for availability beforehand.

Available at: German Market Place


Provamel has been around since 1983, and has been churning up plant based, healthy organic food. On offer are plant alternatives to yoghurt such as Soya With Oat, Soya With Coconut, Soya With Almond and Soya Natural; all free from dairy and sugars. Supernature carries Provamel but for some reason, they are not available on the online shopping site, only in-store.

Available at: Supernature

Sojasun Natural Soya Yoghurt

Soya based yogurts from Sojasun make for a great dairy free alternative. Sojasun was founded in 1988 with a commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture using soy as the basis of its plant based products. In Singapore, you can get your hands on flavours like Sojasun Natural Soya Yoghurt, Sojasun Fig Flavoured Soya Yoghurt, Sojasun Plaisir Vanilla Soya Dessert  and Sojasun Plaisir Chocolate Soya Dessert.

Available at: RedMart, Le Petit Depot

Make Your Own Vegan Yogurt

Belle+Bella Non-Dairy Yogurt Starter

A gluten-free, non-dairy yogurt starting culture, Belle+Bella makes it super easy to make your own yogurt at home. The Belle+Bella Non-Dairy Yogurt Starter (4 Packets, 5 g each, S$8) is just right for any kind of milk – you can use soy, almond or coconut. With no preservatives and additives, it contains 2 billion live cultures.

Available at: iHerb online

Cultures for Health

Cultures for Health does starter cultures and DIY kits for everything from yogurt to kefir to sourdough to kombucha. So make your own probiotic-rich vegan yogurt at home with Culture for Health’s vegan yogurt starter culture. For tips on how to choose the right culture and go about setting your own yogurt, check out their FAQs.

Available at: iHerb online