Privé Keppel Bay offers Impressive Vegan & Vegetarian Dining by the Marina: Review

Privé Keppel Bay is a gem of a place that I only discovered quite recently. Located on the water’s edge at Singapore’ only private Island – Keppel Island, it has a lovely ambience with views of the marina. Offering great vegetarian and vegan food, and kid-friendly activities – the restaurant has everything going right. We headed over on a recent weekend and here’s a lowdown on the food and the overall experience. 

Vegan Brunch at Privé Keppel Bay

Mediterranean salad at Prive Keppel Bay: Vegetarian Review

We started off with salads, both vegan. The Mediterranean Salad (S$16++) is colourful and very flavourful – veggies, chickpeas, olives and nuts served on a bed of greens, with a generous dollop of hummus! The greens don’t dominate the salad and fried garlic chips, and the Dukkah add a nice crunch to it. We absolutely loved the salad, a dish worth going back for!

Gado Gado salad at Prive Keppel Bay: Vegetarian Review

The Mediterranean Salad won the salad round, but the fresh new taste of the day was the Gado Gado Salad (S$16++). The Indonesian favourite offers a big and varied serving of vegetables with a generous amount of peanut sauce, making it a nice and healthy way to start a meal.

Both salads come in big portions that are good enough for sharing, or each salad could be a meal on its own. 

Thai curry at Prive Keppel Bay: Vegetarian Review

For mains, we had Thai Green Vegetable Curry with white rice, which I quite enjoyed. The curry is thick, creamy and textured, and is loaded with fresh vegetables. It isn’t spicy as Thai curries usually are, and has a fusion element to it. I actually liked the low-spice levels as it meant that kids could also get a taste of the dish.

Privé also offers the Vegan Beyond Burger now, which you can enquire about at the restaurant.

For the Kids at Privé Keppel Bay

PB&J with Flourless Banana & Oat-Pancakes

Well, it’s brunch, so pancakes are a given! We tried the PB&J with Flourless Banana & Oat-Pancakes (S$15++), which contrary to my apprehensions, taste even better than regular pancakes. Topped with fresh bananas, granola, raspberry preserve, berries, pecans and desiccated coconut, and with the goodness of chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, the pancakes are served with 70% chocolate sauce and homemade peanut butter. These are vegan, taste somewhat like cake and were polished off in record time. Highly recommended!

Margherita Pizza at Prive Keppel Bay: Vegetarian Review

Margherita Pizza (S$18++) followed the pancakes. The thin crust pizza is crispy and very cheesy, a bit too cheesy in my opinion but the kids’ mantra being ‘cheesier the better’, they loved it. Privé can also do a half and half pizza. 

Drinks & Vegan Desserts at Privé Keppel Bay

Desserts are usually my least favourite part of a meal but not so at Privé. We tried 2 of the vegan desserts and they were both fantastic!

Coco-Choco Affogato (S$12++) was just the wake-me-up I needed after the big meal. This is espresso with 85% dark chocolate cubes, topped with a big scoop of coconut ice cream. After enjoying a couple of spoons of the ice cream on its own, I let it melt into the espresso, making a thick and strong, coconutty-coffee concoction with chunks of dark chocolate in it. You have to be a coffee person to appreciate this and appreciate it, I did. Warning: Not for the faint hearted!

The Blueberry Almond Cake (S$7++) is amazing as well, it was hard to believe it’s vegan. The cake comes with a generous serving of blueberry coulis on the side, isn’t sickly sweet and is lacking in nothing at all, proving nicely that vegan desserts can be just as sumptuous. 

Now, I don’t drink milkshakes but I did try a sip of Strawberry and Marshmallow Milkshake (S$12++) that the kids ordered, and found it to be too sweet. But I was clearly the odd one out, with the kids and their dad hustling over it. Berrylicious (S$10++) was more my thing, delicious and healthier with yogurt as the base. 

Smoothies at Prive Keppel Bay: Vegetarian Review

Ambience & Kid-Friendly Factor

Given that Privé Keppel Bay is located at what you might call the Monte Carlo of Singapore, the views are lovely. The restaurant has a laid back atmosphere and is the perfect place to enjoy a family meal by the water’s edge. Of course, it is always an added bonus when an outlet offers plenty of healthy, vegetarian and vegan options.

Prive is big on the kid-friendly factor, with colouring sets, a little outdoor playground and a kids’ corner with a television airing cartoons. We lucked out further as it was coincidentally Kids’ Day at Privé (every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month), so the kids stayed occupied with a magic show, balloon sculpting and glitter tattoos. These kid friendly activities are offered on Kids’ Days from 12noon to 3pm. The playground and colouring sets are available daily. Needless to say, the restaurant is our new favourite when it comes to Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants that are also Kid-Friendly.

VERDICT & Vegan-Friendly Factor

In short, a perfect place to enjoy a family weekend brunch, with a lovely ambience, great food with plenty of vegan options and activities to keep the kids busy. We had a relaxed afternoon brunching for over 2 hours and we hardly saw the kids. Can’t wait to be back!

Privé Keppel Bay: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382. P: +65 6776 0777 | Website