The Clean Addicts: Handcrafted cakes that are vegan, healthy, delicious, made with real food and for just about anybody

If you’ve ever wondered if there is anything like look, taste AND feel-good bakes, wonder no more! As unbelievable as it sounds, The Clean Addicts is a wholefoods vegan bakery that seamlessly incorporates real foods into their desserts. We’re talking ingredients like nuts, beans, rolled oats and even sweet potatoes; foods that come with real health benefits. Their cakes are also low in natural sugars, with diabetic-friendly, soy-free and nut-free options available.

Now if you’re curious whether the cakes are any good, you have to try them to believe just how good they are. We at Team ERL recently tried a few of their cakes and whatever reservations we had were put to rest. They’ve truly cracked the clean treats formula, and how! There is something for everyone at The Clean Addicts – whether you’re looking to eat cleaner or healthier, whether you’re vegan or gluten-free, or simply looking for delicious desserts, Clean Addicts has you covered.

Andrea The Clean Addicts

The Clean Addicts is the brainchild of Raw Chef Andrea Lee who claims she has a huge sweet tooth which she finds very difficult to compromise with. When her first attempt at healthy brownies made with beans was a resounding success, Andrea knew it would be impossible for her family to go back to eating processed and refined sweets. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention and that’s how after a lot of late night trials (with some misses, but mostly hits) she created a guilt-free sweet treats enterprise!

That’s not all! Chef Andrea is a certified Raw Food Chef with certifications from the leading vegan culinary school Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and Sayuri Healing Foods; she is also a certified nutrition coach. 

Growing up Andrea struggled a lot with her weight which eventually led her to have a severe eating disorder as an adult. Her body image issues plagued her health, emotions and relationships for long time before she was able to have a breakthrough and get better. As someone who has had such an incredible journey of recovery, Andrea now believes in giving back to the community and The Clean Addicts is just one the many ways that she’s doing exactly that. 

Andrea advocates for balance, self-love and nourishment. She has served clients with gluten intolerance, eating disorders, allergies and diabetes, something she finds fulfilment in. You can read more about Andrea, her Health Journey and Eating Disorder Story here

The Clean Addicts’ Product Range 

I recently tried The Clean Addicts’ Mochi Muffins – both the original Double Chocolate Mochi Muffins and their Christmas special Cacao Sea Salt Mochi Muffin. I prefer muffins cold, so I didn’t warm up the double chocolate to get the molten centre. As such, the centre was more fudge like which was pretty fantastic too but if you’d like to get a gooey chocolately centre, remember to warm them up. The Cacao Sea Salt Mochis have a subtle salty flavour and I found out later that they’re made with hazelnut butter which is what leads to their softness and adds that extra layer of nuttiness.

Both Mochi Muffins are incredibly moist and not too sweet. In fact, if I had to pick a bone (which I won’t because this is an all vegan zone!!) I’d say that they were so light that I over ate and they were over a bit too quickly! Personally though, if I had to choose, I’d pick the double chocolate ones because who doesn’t love an extra dose of chocolate?

Clean Addicts Christmas Log Cake

I also had the chance to try their Christmas Special Log Cake which is essentially the Earl Grey Tea Vegan Fudge Cake handcrafted and shaped into a log. Topped with dried cranberries, pumpkin seed crunch, freeze-dried berries, edible rose petals and a touch of lavender buds and, flaked sea salt, this cake is beautiful to look at, and delicious to bite into.

The texture is smooth and fudgy, and the 74% dark chocolate ganache is certainly the hero! The flavour of earl grey is very subtle so even if that’s a flavour you don’t enjoy, it won’t come in the way of you devouring this cake. Statutory warning: if you like your desserts to be deathly sweet, you are NOT going to enjoy this cake! The log cake of course made with healthy ingredients, I was surprised when I saw kidney beans in the list of ingredients. It is truly commendable how Andrea makes her desserts taste so decadent using such healthy ingredients.

Of course, that’s not all! The Clean Addicts offers a number of flourless Fudge Cakes – best sellers include Flourless Double Matcha Fudge Cake, “Garden of Eden” Flourless Cacao Fudge Cake and Matcha x Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake and Double Chocolate Mochi Cake – and guess what they substitute butter with? Good ol’ humble beans! Yes, you heard it right, their fudge cakes are 100% made with beans, oats, seeds and minimal dates as a sweetener. 

Besides the cakes, The Clean Addicts also offers a range of Cacao and Matcha Protein Balls, which is no surprise given that their desserts are loved by health and fitness enthusiasts. Tried, tested and highly recommended by F45 fitness trainers, these are perfect for snacking especially before and after your workouts.

While I haven’t tried any of the protein balls, I did try the “Better than Ferrero” Fudge Balls. Hand rolled with a blend of dry roasted hazelnuts, organic raw cacao powder, raisins, seeds, rolled oats and dates these fudge balls really reminded me of their unhealthy cousins – the Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

You can pre-order any of their items directly with The Clean Addicts

The Clean Addicts: Order online at https://thecleanaddicts.com/