The Best Afternoon Tea in London

(Image credit: Brigit’s Bakery)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of London? If you said Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or Afternoon Tea (and chances are you did), you’re going to love this.

Here is a tour that brilliantly combines all three, and more. The B Afternoon Tea Bus Tour is a unique way to get a glimpse into British culture, history and landmarks, whilst sipping on a lovely cup of tea and enjoying the exquisite tastes of France.

This hugely popular tour is offered by Brigit’s Bakery, a family-owned bakery in London, that specialises in ‘Afternoon Tea with a French Twist’. While they also offer tea at their glamorous Tea Salon and on the River Thames with their B Afternoon Tea Boat Tour, the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour is what especially caught our eye as it gives you a chance to experience London history and sightseeing along with the classic English afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea on the bus

Onboard the shiny 1960s vintage London double decker bus (Image credit: Brigit’s Bakery)

So, if you’re heading to London for the summer holidays, the B Afternoon Tea Bus Tour is something that you need to put on your must-do list now.

You start your tour by boarding a shiny 1960s vintage London double decker bus that will drive you around Central London. During the 90-minute bus ride, you’ll get to see some of the city’s iconic landmarks like The London Eye, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, The Royal Albert Hall, Piccadilly Circus and Downing Street, to name a few.

Afternoon tea treats

Bite into dainty sandwiches, mini quiches, macarons, cupcakes, scones and pastries (Image credit: Brigit’s Bakery)

All this sightseeing while sipping on delightful English Breakfast Tea and biting into dainty sandwiches, mini quiches, macarons, cupcakes, scones and pastries. And don’t worry, they also have vegetarian, halal and gluten-free options onboard.

Move over Hop-on Hop-off, you’ve got some serious competition. And we can even keep our heels on for this one!

For more information regarding the route, timings, or to make your reservations, click here.