Did you know that today India is home to 15 million hearing impaired citizens?

Try to grasp the full implications of complete hearing loss in a baby. An infant who cannot hear sounds, can usually not be taught how to speak, read or write. Few can be taught sign language, which gives them the ability to communicate, but only with other like people or those who know sign language. These children are usually unable to integrate into society.

Established in 1995, Suniye is a leading non profit organisation in India working with and for the hearing impaired ( Suniye’s mission is to help hearing impaired children acquire language, learn to talk, go to regular schools and become part of mainstream society.

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Suniye - School

Suniye runs a support school in New Delhi. This school is completely free of charge for hearing impaired children. The Suniye School encourages inclusive education and helps in developing speech and language. At Suniye, children are not taught sign language, they are taught communication skills and encouraged to go on and join normal schools once they are able to communicate. Suniye gives these children hope for a normal life and a better future.

Over the last 20 years, Suniye has helped thousands of students – almost 90% of them come from low income backgrounds – who have all gone on to do well in life. In 2002, Suniye was alloted land in R.K.Puram, New Delhi. By 2008, they were able to construct the ground floor with 4 classrooms, 1 executive office and 1 audiometry room and we started operating out of the premises. Now, they are in the process of constructing the first floor too which would allow for 2 more classrooms, 1 computer room and a multipurpose hall.

Suniye currently has 65 students. The annual cost of each child’s education is around INR 30,000 or USD 425 or SGD 600.

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