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Abhinav Sinha at Singapore Vegan Festival 2021ABHINAV SINHA Driven by a mission to make the world a compassionate place, Abhinav leads GoodDo, India’s first and largest all-vegan QSR chain. With 12 outlets across 4 cities, GoodDo is bringing vegan plant-based meats and dairy alternative dishes to folks from all walks of life in a fun, innovative, delicious and affordable avatar. 

Abhinav also provides strategic leadership at GoodDot, India’s leading plant-based meat company that is now making a global move and creating waves with its unique products. He brings deep conviction and passion for animal rights, and is certain of the inevitability of a broad societal move towards alternatives to animal-sourced products. 

A scientist by training, Abhinav has a PhD in Biochemistry from Oregon Health and Science University (USA) and an MBA from the Indian School of Business. Prior to his entrepreneurial stints, Abhinav worked in R&D and strategy arms of global pharmaceutical companies.

Sunday, 29 Aug, 10:00 AM – Can Alt-protein MEAT our expectations? Navigate the wide universe of plant-based meats?

Dalal Alghawas

Dr DALAL ALGHAWAS is the program director for Big Idea Ventures in Singapore. Prior to this, she established the first Food Technology Accelerator program in Hong Kong and collectively worked with global food tech startups, with special focus on plant-based protein alternatives, cellular-agriculture,  sustainability, smart kitchen equipment, med-tech and Big Data and Software analytics. She has several publications in top tier peer reviewed journals including Lipids, Immunology and Plos One.

Dr Dalal has a PhD in Food Science and Food Biotechnology from University of Hong Kong, MSc Biomedical Sciences from Manchester Metropolitan University, and a BSc, Biomedical Sciences from The University of Manchester.

She is an in-house resource for all matters related to food science.

Sunday, 29 Aug, 10:00 AM – Can Alt-protein MEAT our expectations? Navigate the wide universe of plant-based meats?

ELYSABETH ALFANO is a successful businesswoman, a strategic consultant in the plant-based business arena and a keen investor. Elysabeth is the Founder of Plant Powered Consulting. Connected to almost everyone in the Who’s Who of the Plant-based World, Elysabeth enjoys helping small, medium and large businesses succeed by consulting on and executing business development, marketing/branding and PR strategies and by connecting entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives with her vast network.  She also advises multinational companies on the direction, growth and white space opportunities in the marketplace.

As one of the foremost plant-based business experts in North America, Elysabeth is a savant when it comes to  latest plant-based business and investment developments, analysis, and trends around the world and on major media outlets. She also speaks on shifting global food supply system and what that represents for sustainability, climate change, food insecurity, human health, animal welfare and a growing global population. 

Saturday, 28 Aug, 9:00 AM – Panel Discussion on Inspiring the Next Generation of Vegan Entrepreneurs

FIONA OAKES holds not one but FOUR Guinness World Records –  among them being the fastest woman to run a Marathon on every Continent and at the North Pole! And that’s not all, she has completed the legendary Marathon des Sables three times. A vegan for almost 5 decades, Fiona is one of the most powerful athletic figures demonstrating that her diet is the mighty fuel for her jaw-dropping achievements.

Fiona, an honorary patron of the Vegan Society also has a rescue animal sanctuary, where she homes around 500 rescued animals?

Saturday, 28 Aug, 4:30 PM – Panel Discussion on Athletic performance, recovery and nutrition on a plant based diet



KUNTAL JOISHER combines the distinction of being both an accomplished mountaineer and a high-end, computer science professional. His insatiable passion for mountaineering has led him to climb mountain ranges across the world, including the Western Ghats, the Northern Ice cap in Chile, and the Nepalese and Indian Himalaya. Joisher has climbed to the top of Mt. Everest from both Nepal side (2016), and China side (2019). He has also climbed to the top of Mt. Lhotse (4th highest in the world), and Mt. Manaslu (8th highest mountain in the world). A well-respected photographer, Kuntal’s work has been published in leading national and global magazines including National Geographic, BBC Earth and The Outdoor Journal. Joisher has been featured on covers of magazines across India, and the world, and has also been featured on the TEDx platform multiple times. Joisher dreams of climbing the 7 summits in a 100% #Vegan fashion in the next 2 years. In addition to his dedication to mountaineering, Joisher is passionate about three causes: raising awareness about the disease of Dementia, spreading the message of Veganism, and education of the underprivileged in Nepal.

Saturday, 28 Aug, 4:30 PM – Panel Discussion on Athletic performance, recovery and nutrition on a plant based diet

MIYOKO SCHINNER Recognized by the United Nations as a ‘Vegan Revolutionary’ in its ‘The Future of Women’ global initiative, and named one of Forbes 50 Women over 50, Miyoko Schinner, Founder & CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, is an epicurean activist, who is leading the creation of the animal-free, plant dairy food system. Through an innovative proprietary process that merges culinary arts and food science, Schinner has cracked the code in making fermented cheese and cultured butter from plant milks that rival animal dairy counterparts on compassion, taste & nutrition on a world-changing scale.

The pioneer of the plant-dairy cheese revolution, Schinner is a passionate culinarian, former restaurateur, TV personality, and best-selling cookbook author. Schinner has dedicated her life to inspiring compassion through the joy of food and the positivity plants and is the co-founder of Rancho Compasión, a farmed animal sanctuary in California that provides a home to over 120 rescued farm animals.

Saturday, 28 Aug, 9:00 AM – Panel Discussion on Inspiring the Next Generation of Vegan Entrepreneurs


PAT REEVES General Secretary and Director of British Drug free Power-lifting Association, an accomplished marathon runner, BWLA coach and fitness consultant, Pat at 76, has retained her British Masters’ Powerlifting title for twenty consecutive years. 

Pat is also a successful  functional & nutritional medicine practitioner with over 30 years experience in returning thousands of patients to optimal health. Pat has been thriving on a plant-based regime for over 55 years, with the last 29 being mainly on consuming living foods. She attributes her diet for enabling her to defeat an intractable cancer. 

Her book “A Living Miracle” is testimony to how she beat all odds and continues to live an amazing life given her well-documented genetic cancer challenge. The book also covers all aspects of how to make a living food protocol become second nature and featured within are one hundred simple recipes. Pat’s book ships worldwide via www.foodalive.org. 

Saturday, 28 Aug, 4:30 PM – Panel Discussion on Athletic performance, recovery and nutrition on a plant based diet

Ronald D at Singapore Vegan Festival 2021RONALD DALDERUP is a passionate change maker driven to enable people to embrace a (more) plant based lifestyle. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Growthwell Foods,  a Plant Based Nutrition Company with a clear focus on delivering healthier and better seafood alternatives to people.

Originally from the Netherlands he has seen the rise of the plant based revolution for some time now and before joining Growthwell has been working with several Brands to make plant based more visible on the menu and more accessible.

At Growthwell Foods he wants to help people in Asia tap into the beauty of making a delicious plant-based seafood meal as part of a lifestyle where plant-based can be a regular option for any day or occasion. To make this happen the team at Growthwell is focused on getting not just taste, texture and scent right…but also striving to bring down cost prices by being involved in bigger parts of the value chain; from working closely with farmers and ingredient makers to investing in our own locally-based production and economies of scale.

Sunday, 29 Aug, 10:00 AM – Can Alt-protein MEAT our expectations? Navigate the wide universe of plant-based meats?

Seb Alex Singapore Vegan FestivalSEB ALEX Born and raised in Lebanon, Seb Alex moved to Europe in 2011 to pursue his career in Sustainable Architecture. Having worked with the UNHCR’s refugee program for a year, he then took the opportunity to enter the corporate world and work as an international coordinator of projects for an architecture company in Barcelona.

A year after, he decided to leave his corporate life behind and dedicate all his time to what really speaks to his heart: Animal Rights Advocacy.

During 2018, he gave talks on Vegan Advocacy, Why Veganism, Why Activism and Learning From Previous Struggles to over 1200+ people across Europe (such as but not limited to: Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland) and Australia.

In 2019 and 2020, he was invited to speak about Animal Exploitation & Sustainability in more than 50 universities and schools in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Portugal, reaching more than 5000 students between the ages of 13 and 30.

He is now working on creating social media content, helping out with the organization of grassroots activism events, helping run the world’s first Animal Rights & Vegan Support center, the Lebanese Vegans Social Hub in the heart of Beirut (Lebanon) and has recently launched his free FREE Ebook ”When Animal Rights & Logic Meet” in 20 languages. You can follow Seb Alex on Instagram or check out his website.

Saturday, 28 Aug, 10:30 AM – Panel: Is Veganism an Elitist concept? 

DR SHIREEN KASSAM is a Consultant Haematologist at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in lymphoma. She is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. Shireen also works at Winchester University where she provides the UK’s first University course on plant-based nutrition. 

Shireen discovered the power of plant-based nutrition in 2013 and has since immersed herself in the science of nutrition and health. She is a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a certified CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) practitioner. 

Shireen founded Plant-based health professionals UK in 2017, a non-profit membership organisation that provides evidence-based education on plant-based nutrition. In January 2021, Shireen co-founded and launched the UK’s first regulated, online, plant-based lifestyle medicine healthcare service, Plant Based Health Online.

Sunday, 29 Aug, 5:00 PM – Plant-based diet for prevention of chronic disease and its affect on overall health; the relation between diet and cancer

SONALIE FIGUEIRAS founder & CEO at Green Queen, Ekowarehouse &  SourceGreenPackaging.com. Serial social entrepreneur & trends forecaster Sonalie Figueiras is the founder & editor-in-chief of Green Queen, an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change through inspiring & empowering original content and one of the world’s leading outlets for alternative protein news. She is also the founder & CEO of Ekowarehouse, the global sourcing platform for certified organic products and the co-founder & CEO of SourceGreenPackaging.com, the world’s first global marketplace for sustainable packaging with a mission to fight single-use plastic waste. With over a decade of experience in publishing, digital marketing, organic trade, sustainability, alternative proteins and green packaging, she is an eco wellness industry veteran with a keen eye for market trends and a sought-after international speaker and moderator, sharing her expertise on stages across Asia and beyond, including Harvard Business School and two times at TEDx.

Saturday, 28 Aug, 9:00 AM – Panel Discussion on Inspiring the Next Generation of Vegan Entrepreneurs


AKRITI PANDEY is a Vegan Entrepreneur and Investor. She has spent the last few years being a speaker, an activist, a moderator and also used social media as a platform to spread awareness for the causes that are profound to her. These include a wide range of causes, but especially Veganism, Sustainability and living a healthy wholesome lifestyle. After having lost 30 kgs and getting rid of a number of Autoimmune and chronic diseases, she is a nutrition, holistic health/living and fitness enthusiast. Akriti is currently working on eventually being one of the next Vegan female bikini/fitness competitors on stage. A world where the animals, nature and humans are thriving, living their best potential and in harmony is her biggest dream.

Saturday, 28 Aug – Moderator and host for several talks and panels




ANIA WOJTKOWSKA Originally from Poland, Ania has been living in Singapore for the past nine years. In 2017 she began her journey to develop and expand the awareness of healthy eating and plant-based diets. To promote her goal, she launched LivingveggiebyAnia – with easy to follow cooking courses, demonstrations, and educational events (both for individuals and corporates) LivingveggiebyAniaa wants to spread the message that vegan food is not only healthy but tasty and easy to prepare.

Anna graduated from Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell’s University and Winchester University. Ania is a passionate foodie, loves to cook and create new recipes, she believes that vegan food does not need to compromise on flavour. She is passionate about the science behind the food and wants to show people the link between food and our health and wellbeing. Ania not only wants to teach you what to put on your plate, but more importantly, what not to.

Saturday, 28 Aug, 11:45 AM – Lose your weight forever with plants. Talk + high-protein raw cooking demo

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