Singapore Vegan Festival – Guest Chefs

Chef Damian Piedrahita – Plant-Based Chef & Consultant

Chef Damian Piedrahita

“I see gastronomy as a form of art, a direct channel through which to communicate with people’s senses and to tell them the real essence of who I am. I put my passion and dedication into expanding and creating a real gastronomic culture that can feed the body and satisfy the mind, uniting plant-based food techniques with fine dining.”

Chef Damian Piedrahita has dedicated the last few years to working as a consultant & plant-based chef, collaborating with several chefs, especially in Spain and Northern Italy. He is currently collaborating with Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, as an official plant-based consultant & chef.

Chef Damian’s work is a melting pot of different professional paths. Chef Damian promotes a cooking style that is free from animal exploitation. He believes that producing high-class dishes requires quality products, so he elaborates recipes with seasonal and organic raw ingredients, respecting their quality and history and molding them into creative dishes with an identity of their own.


Anna Wojtkowska – Vegan Educator

Singapore Vegan FEstival

Originally from Poland, Anna Wojtkowska has been living in Singapore for the past eight years. In 2017, she began her journey to develop and expand the awareness of healthy eating and plant-based diets. To promote her aims she launched her company – LivingveggiebyAnia. Anna graduated from Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition by Dr Colin Campbell and Plant-based Nutrition from Winchester University (UK), and attended numerous cookery schools across Asia. With easy to follow online cooking courses, nutritional workshops, private online consultations and Plant Power Academy she wants to spread the message that vegan food is not only healthy but also tasty, easy to prepare and can change the quality of our life.

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