SimpliiGood Spirulina: The Purest, Nutritious Way to Healthy Life

Our earth is a repository of everything we need to stay alive and healthy. Beyond the drugs created sythenticaly in laboratories, nature itself offers solutions that will keep you in the pink, or should we say green, of health. Spirulina is one such miraculous nutrient source that has been heralded as the holy grail of good health. SimpliiGood is the fresh, purest and most nutritious form of spirulina that is many times more beneficial than the dried variants.

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense, plant-based sources of protein on the planet. In fact, it is the new age solution that sails past the shortcomings of traditional plant-based protein sources such as peas and soya. It’s one of the few non-animal products providing amino acids like leucine, and has 670% more protein than soy-based tofu. No wonder, Spirulina has become a staple ingredient in many health and wellness supplements.

Why SimpliiGood?

No Spirulina are made equal; Factors such as the environment where they are grown, the way they are processed and the form in which they are consumed, all can make a huge difference. At SimpliiGood, algae is grown at state-of-the-art micro-farms in close-sourced freshwater ponds. They are shock frozen after packing to maintain and retain all nutrients. A vegan, gluten-free and dairy free dietary supplement, SimpliiGood Spirulina is chock-full of vitamins and minerals, is Non-GMO, 100% Natural and has no flavour or odour. You can buy Simpliigood via their website.

Astounding Health Benefits of SimpliiGood

SimpliiGood Spirulina stands tall among other Spirulina as it offers:

  • 10x higher nutritional value than dried Spirulina
  • Nutrient absorption rate of 85%-95%
  • Retains more nutrients as compared to dried Spirulina which loses up to 90% vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids during processing and drying
  • 100% free from heavy metals and toxic contamination
  • Less than 20 calories per serving


74% of SimpliiGood Spirulina is made of raw protein that delivers:

  • 18 of the 20 amino acids needed for almost every function of the body
  • Calorie for calorie, it contains 3x more protein than meat


Antioxidants help repair and prevent cellular damage, which contribute to many illnesses and diseases.

  • 8x more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries
  • 25x more Beta-carotene than carrots


A single SimpliiGood Spirulina Cube contains:

  • All naturally available B group Vitamins
  • 7x more Vitamin E than strawberries
  • 10x more Calcium than milk
  • 50x more Iron than spinach
  • Same amount of Potassium and nutritional fibers in a Banana

 The story behind SimpliiGood

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State-of-the-art micro-farms in close-sourced freshwater ponds

Simpliigood Asia is an Israeli-Singapore Agritech start-up between Tel Aviv-based Simpliigood and Sechel Asia that is in sync with today’s increasing demand for plant-based foods. It has launched premium fresh Spirulina and Spirulina-based products in Singapore. Co-founded in April 2018 by Israeli Marine Biologist Baruch Dach, SimpliiGood Spirulina is grown in temperature-controlled farms.

Who is it for?

For everyone from athletes to regular people going about their lives, SimpliiGood spirulina is a superfood that is denser in nutrients than any other ingredient on earth. It energizes you by beating fatigue, boosts your immunity and increases your resistance to sickness. For vegans and vegetarians who depend on plants for their share of proteins, Simpliigood Spirulina is the perfect source that can be added to any food without altering its taste or odour. Its appeal lies among those who value health and fitness, athletes looking for low calorie protein options for muscle recovery, as well as families with children.

You can buy Simpliigood via their website.


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