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Yeti Plant-Based Camembert by 4My



Its not cheese, its 4MY! With a buttery heart and a natural and edible bloomy white rind, that characterise the freshness of the camemberti family (Camembert and Brie), Yeti is the first product from 4MY, created in Singapore, sustainable and 100% plant-based.

Artisanal plant-based Camembert style cheese, made from organic cashew, fermented and aged at controlled temperature.

Sustainable, Organic, Dairy-free, Animal-friendly, Vegan

Ingredients: 85% Cashew, water, coconut oil, salt, cultures (all organic)

Weight: 200 gms
Shelf-life: 3-4 weeks

Gluten-free: Yes



4My is a new startup based in Singapore, dedicated to creating a line of high quality dairy-free products. At 4My we believe in a better, sustainable, plant-based and innovative future. Our mission is to research and develop everyday products and bring them to the highest level possible and accessible to all.


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