Terra Creta Green Pitted Green Olives, 290gr


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Terra Creta Green pitted Greek olives in brine. Tasty, not too salty and with texture. (pasteurized product). Enjoy them as a snack, an appetizer or on top of your main dish. All natural, without preservatives. A product of Greece.

Ingredients: Green olives (50%), water, sea salt, acidity regulato: lactic acid, citric acid. May contain nuts.

Gluten-free: Yes

Nut-free: May contain nuts

Terra Creta's cornerstone to success is its ongoing commitment to unwavering quality. The only efficient way to consistently produce olive oil of the highest quality is by implementing a holistic approach. This is what Terra Creta calls Total Quality. As a vertically organized company we oversee every aspect of production, from farming and olive milling to bottling and exports. Complying with international quality sandards and establishing our own rigorous internal standards and procedures is our way of ensuring pure, wholesome and delicious products are always supplied to our customers. Our oil is also tested to be free from: Heavy Metals PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) that traces environmental contamination from combustion engines, i.e. Cars) Dioxins Halogenic Solvents