Salt Odyssey Fine Pure Greek Sea Salt, 1kg – By Agora Products


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An all-natural unrefined crystalized sea salt. It will give you the delicious savory taste that you have been looking for. Our refill bag contains no iodine, anticaking agents or flow improvers that are usually added to common table salt. It originates from the Salinas of Messolonghi in Greece, an unpolluted area environmentally protected by the Ramsar Treaty. The pure, solar-evaporated sea salt can be used instead of table salt, both in cooking and as a finishing salt. 100-percent natural, NO iodine, NO anticaking agents, NO flow improvers. A product of Messolonghi in Greece.

Ingredients: 100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi, Greece

Gluten-free: Yes

Nut-free: Yes

Agora Products was founded from a genuine desire to provide healthy and tasty food for family and friends. As such, we started importing to Singapore Fine Food from Greece & Gluten-Free by Dr. Schar.