Farm to Market Premium Australian Organic Quinoa (Bundle of Six) 500 gm

S$81.00 S$71.40


This premium organic white quinoa is grown, harvested, cleaned by Kindred Organics, a Certified Organic farm in the foothills of Mt Roland in North West Tasmania. Operators certified to the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Standard are compliant to strict domestic and international requirements for organic production. This Quinoa is pre-rinsed which means the outer bitter coating called the Saponin has been washed off at the farm. It is not required for further rinsing and will not taste bitter when cooked. This can save up a lot of cooking time and no wastage. Farm To Market is the first and only supplier in Singapore of this Australian Quinoa. Quinoa is a natural gluten free superfood. It is a complete protein packed with minerals.


Gluten-Free: Yes

Nut-Free: Yes

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