Papa’s Grove Healthy Pistachios Unsalted, roasted in pure Lemon Juice (180 gm)



  • Fresh Harvest

The Papa’s Grove family brings you another gem from our home soil: The Greek pistachio, lauded to being one of the best varieties in the world. Having one of nature’s highest protein and fibre combinations, with the least content in calories, cholesterol & gluten-free. Handpicked, unsalted and bleach free. Delicious and healthy!

Gluten-Free: Yes

Farm To Table: Launched in 2015, family-grown, family-owned, award-winning Papa's Grove has been producing some of the world's finest olive oil on their 4-generations-old family groves in the Peloponnese, Greece. Proud of their heritage and roots, the Papaspyrou family who is always striving for uncompromised quality and purity, continues to bring to you an exceptional range of products from Greece, under their care.