Gratefood Co Acerola Orange Sorbet 473 ml


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Gratefood Supprrrfood Dessert ensures every serving of indulgence comes with nutrients and vitamins your body value. We use organic premium frozen acerola pulp in the making of Gratefood Acerola Orange Sorbet and each serving of it fulfils 15 times a daily serving of Vitamin C according to Singapore Food Regulations nutrient guidelines.

Acerola is a cherry native to South America and is best known as the King of Vitamin C where gram for gram Acerola cherry easily contains more than 20 times the vitamin C of orange!

Ingredients: Organic Acerola, Filtered Water, Raw Sugar, Dextrose, Stabilisers, Orange Oil

Gluten-Free: Yes

Nut-Free: Yes

The name Gratefood sprouted from our thoughts of “gratefulness”and “great food” where we are grateful for plant-based food which is kinder to our environment and nourishes us to health and happiness. We want to be advocates of small changes where we can collectively bring about meaningful improvements to better health, happiness and the environment just changing one of your meals a day.