Top Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Sydney Australiaa

4 Top Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is known for its strong plant-based dining scene, with vegan and vegetarian restaurants rampant around town. From burgers and pizzas to sushi and fine Thai food, whatever your’e craving, Sydney’s range of vegan restaurants will have you covered. Here are just 4 of our picks alongwith their signature dishes.

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More than Canals & Tulips – Discover Amsterdam with Kids (Top Things to Do)

Canals, bicycles, museums, cheeses, cafés, and need I even mention tulips or the infamous Red Light District! These are just some of the images that the mere mention of Amsterdam conjures up. Amsterdam is also a family-oriented city with numerous activities for children. With the endless waterways, welcoming residents, delicious food and lush green landscape Amsterdam quickly cemented a place in my heart as a city that will remain special forever. Here are some of my top picks on what to do as a family.

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ITC Grand Chola, Chennai – Opulent Luxury in a Palatial Hotel

If you’re looking for opulent luxury, ITC Grand Chola in Chennai is the perfect place. Here, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you have gone back in time to a traditional Tamilian palace, only equipped with all the modern amenities you could think of. The hotel radiates richness and everything from the rooms to the facilities and service is just perfect. Of course, there are plenty of vegetarian options available in the 10 Restaurants within the hotel.

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Venice with Kids, Things to Do & Attractions

Venice, Italy with Kids: Top 9 Things to Do, Top Attractions & Places to Eat At

Venice. An enchanting city built entirely on water; a city unlike another; a city that offers art, history and culture by the truckloads, and is as dreamy as it gets with all the water and the sunset gondola rides. Venice can be as enchanting for the kids as it is exciting for you. Before you go, tell them about the magical city built on water, where you cross a bridge every 5 minutes, which has gondolas instead of cars and vaporettos instead of buses, and best of all ice-cream around every corner. And once you get there, here are some things to do in Venice with Kids.

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Aqua Palace Hotel Venice, in Castello

Aqua Palace Hotel, Venice – A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Castello

Aqua Palace is a luxurious hotel situated in the Castello Quarter of Venice. Overlooking a typical Venetian canal, Aqua Palace is housed in a historic palace dating back to the 1700s. Spread over four floors, Aqua Palace hotel offers a grand view of the Venetian Canal and even has a private Gondola Pier.

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8 Things to Do on a Laid-back Trip to Chennai, India

From beaches, to temples to luxury hotels, Chennai offers enough to endear the city to travellers. An old city where the modern jostles for space with the ancient, flyovers reach out above alleyways and bazars that seem to have been there since ages, connecting two very different faces of the city seamlessly. So apart from lazing around in the hotels, here are 8 Things to Do on a Laid-back Trip to Chennai, India that don’t require any degree of ambition to accomplish. 

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10 Things to Do in Pondicherry (Puducherry) India

Puducherry is a quiet little town on the southern coast of India, with a visible French Heritage, quaint little colonial buildings and unpoilt beaches. Pondy (as Puducherry, the erstwhile Pondicherry, is fondly called) has plenty to offer the travellers. So, whether or not you are big on experiences, here are a few things to do while in Pondicherry.

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