Fynn’s Singapore – Vegetarian Australian Food in an Upscale Casual Setting: Dining Review

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Fynns Australian Vegetarian Food Singapore

I love experimenting with food from around the world. While most cuisines have an individual identity, Australian food does not have  a unique classification and is actually a potpourri of flavours from everywhere. This is exactly what we get at Fynn’s – an elegant combination of distinctive flavours with comfort food.

Fynn’s is a casual, modern Australian restaurant at the very slick South Beach Tower. The restaurant opened a year and a half ago and has been reinventing itself regularly with varied Australian food choices, their specialty being homemade pastas and signature cocktails.

I recently visited Fynn’s for lunch, with a group of girlfriends and the restaurant was the perfect pick for the occasion – a bright cozy space with beautiful lighting and fixtures – it was a leisurely setting to let our hair down and unwind with some great Australian food.

Vegetarian Australian Comfort Food at Fynn’s

At first glance the menu appears to not offer much for vegetarians. But, as I delved into it, I realized that there are a few customizable options for vegetarians. We ordered some of the plant-based dishes and everything we had was delicious and indeed had its own distinct flavour!

Potato Ricotta Gnocchi on a bed of mushroom velouté at Fynn's Singapore Australian Food

Potato Ricotta Gnocchi on a bed of mushroom velouté

Let’s dig into the food, starting with the highlight of the day – Gnocchi. While Gnocchi is essentially a staple of Italian origin, this preparation of the ingredient  gave off a whiff of modern fusion. The potato ricotta Gnocchi itself is just the right combination of soft and chewy. It is served on a bed of mushroom velouté (traditional French sauce made with roux and stock) and interspersed with assorted forest mushrooms. The plate was topped with shredded Parmesan. A light, yet immensely satisfying dish, I can certainly go back for more!

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli dressed with a burnt butter sage sauce at Fynn's Singapore Australian Vegetarian Food

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli dressed with a burnt butter sage sauce

Moving on to the next main course; Spinach and Cheese Ravioli. The Ravioli isn’t on the lunch menu, it was one of the lunch specials of the day. Flour dumplings stuffed with spinach and ricotta are dressed with a simple, yet delicious Northern Italian burnt butter sauce, intense with sage flavor. Again, a refreshing and light combination.

Both the lunch and dinner menus have a nice assortment of vegetarian salads to choose from – Endive Salad (crunchy endives, parmesan shavings, candied pecans, pink peppercorn, light dijon vinaigrette dressing); Tuscan Kale Salad (crispy kale, fennel, red radish, ricotta, garlic croutons, vinaigrette); Italian Burratina (buttery cheese, daterino, brioche croutons, pickled onions, balsamic) and Superfoods (mesclun mix, quinoa, avocado, dried cranberries, pistachios, cashews, sesame seeds, tangierino dressing, fennel, red radish, granola, ricotta, garlic croutons, pomegranate vinaigrette) to name a few.

Watercress salad with nashi pear, rice noodles, crisps, black sesame with an oriental citrus dressing at Fynns Singapore

Watercress salad with nashi pear, rice noodles, crisps, black sesame with an oriental citrus dressing

We had the Watercress Salad, which originally comes with chicken but we asked for it to be customized without the chicken, and the good people at Fynn’s obliged. The Watercress salad includes nashi pear, rice noodles, crisps, black sesame combined with an oriental citrus dressing. The salad screamed fusion with its varied flavours and ingredients. A side note: the seasoned fries are not to be missed.

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The sinful, delicious Cracked Pie at Fynn's

The sinful, delicious Cracked Pie

For dessert, we had another special that is not on their menu. The Cracked Pie is a sublime slice of butter and flour pudding on a crust of cracked cookies. Sinful and delicious!

Also a popular and appealing dessert choice at Fynn’s is the Chocolate Semifredo, that is made of 72% venezuelan chocolate semifredo, bitter chocolate mousse, cocoa nips, milk and chocolate crunchy sponge. We gave this a miss this time around but I’m looking forward to giving this a try next time!

I ended my meal with a Cappuccino – the brew from Common Man Coffee Roasters hit the exact right notes.

Fynn’s also serves a separate brunch menu with pancakes, waffles and the works. All in all, if you’re looking for an upscale casual setting to enjoy vegetarian comfort Australian food with a twist at leisure, Fynn’s is a good place to go!

Fynn’s: 26 Beach Road #B1-21, South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768. P: +65 6384 1878