8 Things to Do on a Laid-back Trip to Chennai, India

From beaches, to temples to luxury hotels, Chennai offers enough to endear the city to travellers. An old city where the modern jostles for space with the ancient, flyovers reach out above alleyways and bazars that seem to have been there since ages, connecting two very different faces of the city seamlessly. So apart from lazing around in the hotels, here are 8 Things to Do on a Laid-back Trip to Chennai, India that don’t require any degree of ambition to accomplish. 

10 Things to Do in Pondicherry (Puducherry) India

Puducherry is a quiet little town on the southern coast of India, with a visible French Heritage, quaint little colonial buildings and unpoilt beaches. Pondy (as Puducherry, the erstwhile Pondicherry, is fondly called) has plenty to offer the travellers. So, whether or not you are big on experiences, here are a few things to do while in Pondicherry.

Hong Kong with Kids: A Complete Family Travel Guide

Hong Kong with Kids, Hong Kong Family Travel

Smaller spaces, crowded roads, a MTR system which is older than modern Singapore; complemented by the bustling business district, high end boutiques and cosmopolitan population – All these make Hong Kong a unique holiday experience. Here’s a complete travel guide to Hong Kong.

7 Things to Do in Bali – The Best Sights, Beaches and Eats

From the best sights and attractions to the best beaches and the best eats – the things that you can do in Bali are aplenty. We share with you some of the top things to do in Bali, that will let you experience the island as best as you can, in a short span of time.

Vegetarian Dining in Bali – A Foodaholic’s Guide

Bali is a foodie paradise but for reasons unfathomable, it is underrated as a food destination. Follow this guide for a vegetarian food trail in Bali. From traditional Balinese fare to exquisite Western Desserts and everything in between, you will be indulged till you can satiate your cravings.

Vegetarian Food Trail in Jaipur, on a Short Getaway

Cutting Chai with Tadka Maggi at Tapri - The Tea House

EatRoamLive takes you on a 2-day vegetarian food trail in Jaipur on a short trip. From the must-have Onion Kachoris and Gatta Curry to fruity ice creams and Tadka Maggi, here are some of the best vegetarian eats in Jaipur.