The Big Fat Vegetarian Greek Dining at Fotia, Singapore: Review

Greek Salad. Fotia, Greek restaurant, EatRoamLive

Fotia serves the freshest Greek food dished up by skilled chefs. It offers ample variety for vegetarians and also those seeking gluten-free options. The Greek restaurant exudes a vibe befitting a cosy mediterranean place. The service is good as is the food.

5 Best Greek Restaurants for Vegetarian & Vegan Gastronomes in Singapore

When you are looking for food that is light on your tummy yet seduces your taste buds, Greek food is one of the top contenders. After all, what could compete with a colourful and flavourful Greek Salad, followed by a sinfully rich Baklava? Singapore boasts of some top-notch Greek Restaurants that also serve ample for the plant-based diner. Here’s our pick of 4 authentic Greek Restaurants that serve a more-then-decent spread of vegan and vegetarian food that will have you hooked.

Vegetarian Greek Food at Blu Kouzina, Singapore: Dining Review

Sweet Red Peppers stuffed with a spiced cream cheese; Mixed Olives

Blu Kouzina is an authentic Greek Restaurant at Dempsey Hill, Singapore offering fabulous Greek food with vegetarian and vegan options galore. Between the Greek food and the white & blue Greek décor that reminds you of Santorini, it is easy to forget that you’re in Singapore.