5 Best Greek Restaurants for Vegetarian & Vegan Gastronomes in Singapore

[metadata element=”date” ] Updated 25th Feb 2020

When you are looking for food that is light on your tummy yet seduces your taste buds, Greek food is one of the top contenders. Whats more is that Greek Cuisine typically has many vegetarian dishes that are relished the world over. After all, what could compete with a colourful and flavourful Greek Salad, followed by a sinfully rich Baklava? While Singapore can’t really boast of having too many authentic Greek Restaurants on the island, it can definitely boast of some top-notch Greek Restaurants that also serve ample for the plant-based diner.

Here are 5 authentic Greek Restaurants in Singapore, that serve a more-then-decent spread of vegan and vegetarian food that will have you hooked. Starters, mains and desserts, you can have it all at any of these Greek havens! These are listed in random order, but Blu Kouzina and Bakalaki do score higher on the vegan scale as compared to the other ones.

Blu Kouzina

Artichokes fried and topped with balsamic cream, sea salt and EVOO (Image credit: Blu Kouzina)
Artichokes fried and topped with balsamic cream, sea salt and EVOO (Image credit: Blu Kouzina)

A very Greek look and feel, coupled with the fabulous decor, make Blu Kouzina an eternal favourite. Located at Dempsey Hill, the restaurant serves plenty for vegetarians and vegans. The Horiatiki (Greek Salad) is exemplary, and the Watermelon Salad (S$16.80) is superb. The Grilled Pita with Tria Fasolia, Melitzanosalata and Hummus are all absolute must tries. The Red Peppers (S$8.80) stuffed with spiced cream cheese and the Artichokes are fantastic dishes too. Saganaki with Figs is unbelievably good, while Imam BaildiBougiourdi and Spanakopita are all delicious. The strikingly yummy Gemista – roasted vegetables stuffed with marinated herbed rice – is a great pick for vegans (ask for the feta on the side to be removed) and the gluten-free. With an extensive veg menu, this is a place you could get used to, perhaps too used to. Dining at Blu Kouzina definitely comes with way more hits than misses, no wonder the restaurant has a stellar reputation. Detailed review at – Vegetarian & Vegan Greek Food at Blu Kouzina, Singapore: Dining Review.

Stand Out Dishes: Horiatiki, Grilled Pita with Tria Fasolia, Saganaki with Figs, Gemista, Baklava

Blu Kouzina: Dempsey Hill, 10 Dempsey road (Blk 10), #01-21, 247700 Singapore. P: 68750872

Bakalaki Greek Taverna

Bakalaki Greek Restaurant Singapore Vegetarian & Vegan Review
The Classic Greek Salad at Bakalaki is simply outstanding

Greek comfort food with ample for vegetarians and vegans to dig into, Bakalaki is amazing for its simplicity and authenticity. This greek taverna in Tiong Bahru is a laid-back place that is alive with vibrant food. Bakalki deserves a special mention for having a great range of vegan-friendly dishes, besides the extensive vegetarian selection. Give their Pita and Dips a go – we found the Melitzanosalata and Tzatziki to be exemplary. Bakalaki’s Horiatiki (S$20.90) rates extremely high as well – this is something you’ll go back for. Cheese lovers can try the moreish Halloumi. Briam, which is a simple and colourful dish of grilled vegetables, is vegan, and unbeleivably good. Tomatokeftedes (herbed Tomato patties served with a yogurt based dip), and Gemista (Green Pepper and Tomatoes stuffed with rice and mint, Feta to be omitted) are both great dishes that can be done vegan. And before you leave, you have to try the Baklava and Yiaourti here too. More at Bakalaki, Singapore – A Fabulous Vegan Greek Meal, with a Sprinkle of Vegetarian: Review.

Stand Out Dishes: Horiatiki, Pita with Melitzanosalata and Tzatziki, Briam and Yiaourti

Bakalaki Greek Taverna: 3 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168891. P: +65 6836 3688

Alati Divine Greek Cuisine

Greek Vegetarian Vegan Food & Restaurants in Singapore
(Image credit: Alati’s FB page)

Alati means ‘salt’ in Greek and this eatery packs quite a punch. Located between China Town and CBD, the chic place is reminiscent of Santorini with the white and blue vibe it recreates. Courteous and friendly wait staff, and wonderful and warm customer service set the pace for the food itself. The Pita, paired with Melizanosalata and Fava Dips makes for a brilliant start to the meal, while the wonderfully delightful Classic Greek Salad (S$24), and Dakos (Cretan Barley Rusks assembled with a fresh tomato sauce, feta cream, and capers) keep the delight going. While the Spanakopitta and Dolmadakia didn’t please as much,  Imam (Eggplant with an onion-tomato sauce, topped with feta) is fabulous and highly recommended. Finish your meal on a sweet note with the Baklava (S$16) which is super as well. Read our full review – Alati Singapore – A Greek Restaurant Worth its Salt: Vegetarian Dining Review.

Stand Out Dishes: Pita with Melizanosalata and Fava Dips, Imam, Baklava

Alati: 73 Amoy Street, Singapore 069892. P: +65 62216124


Fotia's Imam Baldi. Vegetarian, VeganGreek, Fotia,
Imam Baldi (Image credit: Fotia)

Fotia on Club Street serves the freshest Greek food dished up by skilled chefs. With its chic indoor seating, Fotia exudes a vibe befitting a cosy mediterranean place. The vibrant interiors are welcoming, albeit a bit cramped. There is an exhaustive selection of Pita – Bread, Veggie Mezze, Salad and Homemade Dips for vegetarians. The menu isn’t too vegan-friendly but they’ve been known to customise dishes where possible for vegans, especially if the owner is around. Start with Greek Salad and order the Koulouri Thessalonikis (Greek bread rings covered with sesame seeds, S$2.90) on the side. For mains, we like Gemista (stuffed capsicum with rice & fresh herbs served with baked cheese, S$12.80).

Fotia: 1 Club St, Singapore 069400. P: +65 9455 1004 | Website

Mykonos on the Bay


The delightful Baklava at Mykonos on the BayA retreat away from the hustle bustle fo city life, Mykonos on the Bay recreates the Greek vibe quite well. The attentive staff make your dining experience superb. Though they offer limited vegetarian options, some of what they offer is quite good. Try out their Pita with Mykonos Dip Platter (S$26) which has three flavourful dips – Tzatziki, Hummus and Melitzanosalata. While we found the Greek Salad (S$19) to be average, the Bougiourdi (baked feta cheese with onions and capsicum, mildly flavoured with chilli flakes) completely floored us. If you love eggplant, give the Melitzanes Imam (stuffed, baked eggplant with a sweetish onion tomato sauce) a go. The Desserts here are brilliant, be it the simple yet impressive Pagoto Giaourti (Greek yogurt ice-cream flavoured with honey and walnuts) or the classic Baklava, they can easily give desserts everywhere a run for their money. Read more about our vegetarian meal – Vegetarian Greek Food at Mykonos by the Bay: Dining Review.

Stand Out Dishes: Bougiourdi, Pagoto Giaourti, Baklava

Mykonos on the Bay: 31 Ocean Way, #01-10 Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375. P: +65 6334 3818