Best Açai Bowls in Singapore – The Good, the Delightful & the Healthy

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Açai! The wonder berries with a truckload of health benefits; a superfood that also tastes awesome! Açai Bowls have redefined the whole eating well thing. Also called purple gold, these delicious Açai berries that are are packed with antioxidants, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and even calcium, have taken the health world by storm. Almost like an ice cream, served as a smoothie, or bowls of pureed açai, topped with the most delicious add-ons make it the go to choice of many fitness conscious people and also those who love to embrace the latest food trends. Dig into this wonder food, that comes all the way from South American Rainforests where it grows on açai palm trees, right here in Singapore. Here is our pick of the Best Açai Bowls in Singapore.


Best Acai Bowls in Singapore

A grab and go refreshments café located in the hub of Tanjong Katong, Beriwell is known for introducing Singapore’s first Açaí Soft Serve. If you love ice cream, try their soft swirls that are also vegan. They are quite “ice creamy”, yet healthier with loads of nutrients. Beriwell serves three types of soft swirls (small S$6.90, large S$9.90). Açai, the Original Açai Super Swirl or Coco Majik. Can’t decide between the two? Go with The Twist which was also our favourite. This delicious swirl is a blend of Original Açai and Coco Majik and contains Spirulina, gurana, coconut water, coconut flesh with mango and blueberry toppings. The toppings are seasonal and range from a variety of fruits and nut butters.

Berriwell also offers four types of smoothies (small S$7.40, large S$9.40). Berry-ade – with home-made lemonade, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, coconut milk and fresh strawberry puree – is good but the star smoothie is LycoPink, a watermelon based smoothie with Pitaya, avocado, grapefruit, coconut milk and fresh mint and honey (that can be replaced with maple syrup to make it vegan). Refreshing and soothing on a hot day, LycoPink makes for a perfect summer drink. You can even choose to add-on protein powders. Another vegan delight that caught our attention was “Banana Walnut Muffin Smoothie”. Round off your meal at Beriwell with The Affogato (S$7.50), an eclectic mix of Coco Majik and a shot of Espresso, a treat for coffee lovers who are willing to experiment. Beriwell introduces a new item each month and are planning to expand their menu. Can’t wait to check them out again!

Beriwell: 19 East Coast Road #01-01, Singapore 428746. P: +65 9380 3816


Coocaca's Acai Bowls - Sao Paolo - Açai with granola, bananas, cacao nibs, almond butter, coconut flakes and goji berries
Sao Paolo – Açai with granola, bananas, cacao nibs, almond butter, coconut flakes and goji berries

Coocaça (“coo-ka-sa”) serves a variety of products ranging from Açaí bowls to deliciously thick smoothies to refreshing cold pressed juices. Coocaça’s has two outlets on Orchard Road and their açaí bowls are simply delicious. We tried the Pura Vida & Sao Paolo (S$12.50 each) at the Liat Towers outlet. Pura Vida is what you expect an Açaí Bowl to taste like but the Sao Paolo being Cacao, banana and soy milk blended with the Açaí, is a bit different and was a hit. In fact, Coocaça’s Açaí bowls and smoothies differ in that they blend the Açaí with fruits, tasting a bit different than others. Both bowls are served with add ons.

Coocaça also offers açaí smoothies. Our favourite here is Chulo (S$7.90), a blend of Açaí, pineapple, protein powder and coconut – the açaí and coconut make for a lovely combo. Also tasting great and very tropical is Roxy (S$6.90), a best seller at Coocaça. Kids have the açaí and yogurt Soft Serves to look forward to. Besides Açaí, Coocaça also offers a range of other products, check out our Dining Review of Coocaça, Singapore – The Acai Bowl Affair.

Coocaça @ Somerset: 1 Grange Road, #01-03 Orchard Building, Singapore 239693.
Coocaça @ Orchard: 541 Orchard Road, #01-K1 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881.

An Açai Affair

Best Acai Bowls in Singapore

An Açai Affair is the perfect haunt for everything from a luscious frozen snack to a healthier option to drive away those nagging post-meal sugar cravings. An Açai Affair’s wholesome and energising bowls of goodness contain delicious ingredients like açai berries, fresh fruits, nuts, healthy flavoured butter and coconut shavings, and will most certainly redefine your approach to healthy snacking.

We got a chance to sample one of their most popular bowls, The Tropical Coconut Bowl (açai with fresh fruits, granola, chia seeds, cacao nibs, coconut shavings & goji berries served in a mature coconut husk, S$6.90) which we really enjoyed. We also tried the Açai Nut Bowl (açai with bananas, granola, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds & cacao nibs, S$5.90/S$8.90/S$13.90) which can be the perfect breakfast snack. Our favourite, however, was the delightfully refreshing Dragon Bowl (açai with pitaya passionfruit sorbet, fresh fruits and superfoods, S$6.60/S$9.60/S$14.60) which was so good that we could not stop eating it.

An Açai Affair: 101 East Coast Road, Singapore 428796 (Opposite I12 Katong)
An Açai Affair: 7 Fraser Street B3-06, Duo Galleria, Singapore 189356. P: +65-8698 7462

Project Açai

Best Acai Bowls in Singapore

Project Açai was Singapore’s first dedicated açai café. Beginning with their café at Holland Village in 2015, they have grown to 4 outlets in the last 3 years – in Katong, Takashimaya and Vivocity. The USP of the café is they manually blend their Samabazon frozen açai in small batches. We sampled two of their popular bowls and a smoothie and were ‘açai’fied for sure. The Original Flower Bowl is a signature bowl of blended açai base served with fresh fruits, granola (vegan option available), bee pollen (can be omitted for vegans), cacao nibs, coconut shavings, goji and chia seeds. The Nuts For Açai Bowl is a favourite with us as we love the crunch of the granola and sweetness of the banana, a choice of nut butters (almond, cashew, peanut and cookie, we chose cookie and almond) with the chia seeds, it also satiated our sweet tooth. The Yogi Wannabe-rry (S$8.50) is ice blended organic Açai with blueberries, strawberries, banana, apple juice, topped with golden bee pollen, a nice concoction, albeit a bit too cold for us. A small bowl here starts at S$6.80 and a large would cost you S$14.50. If you’re looking for more menu options, we would suggest visiting their Holland V or the East Coast branch.

Project Açai loves supporting local business and promotes local produce in their menu and the in-house retail store. They also play an active part in various CSR activities including child education sponsorship programme and a water conservation project.

Project Açai: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-92 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Seed & Soil

Best Acai Bowls in Singapore

Seed and Soil believes we should eat the way Mother Nature intended us to; food in its most natural state. Looking for something sweet to end your meal, or steering towards the nth cup of coffee for the day? Skip the acidity of the coffee for something that will do your body good. Why not give the Seed and Soil’s Açai bowl a shot. This absolutely refreshing bowl is layered with Granola, Açai sorbet (imported from Brazil) and topped with Goji berries, Mulberries blueberries and grapes. Now, it can’t get any more supercharged than that. The best part is that unlike other smoothies, this one is light and not too sweet – and gives you the perfectly sweet ending. Some of the other options you could choose from are Tropical Bliss (Mango and Banana puréed with coconut water, and topped with super nuts) and Cacao Warrior (cacao syrup, peanut butter and soy milk up churned snd served with granola, berries and nuts). Head to this delightfully healthy place and get your dose of good health in a bowl served up today.

Seed & Soil: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-22, Singapore 082001

Poppy & Co.: The DIY Açaí Bowls & Smoothies

Best Acai Bowls in Singapore
Our DIY breakfast açaí bowl using Poppy & Co.’s Açaí sorbet

Would you like to make your own Açaí bowl? Poppy & Co. sells a variety of açaí products so that you can make your own Açaí moothie, bowl or popsicle. And if you’re someone with a preference for raw ingredients, Poppy & Co.’s products are recommended for raw vegans, and health & fitness-conscious adults who wish to reap the raw power of Açaí.

The product range includes Organic Pasteurised Açaí Berry Pulp (frozen), Organic Raw Açaí Berry Pulp (frozen), AçBerry Sorbet (frozen) and Organic Açaí Berry Powder (room temperature).

We tried the Sorbet – Top it up with granola and fruit and let it melt a bit and you have got an açai bowl for breakfast. Also handy, as it comes in a pint and you can keep it at home and have your açai fix when you want it without having to go out for a fancy bowl. Got kids? Replace ice-cream with this healthier alternative!

Having tried several açai smoothies in the last few weeks, we also enjoyed dishing up our own smoothie using the unsweetened Organic Pasteurised Açaí Berry Pulp. Let the pulp thaw a bit, add banana, avocado and top it with strawberries, blueberries and cherries – basically whatever we had in the fridge – and Viola, you’re now ready to open up your own açai café.

Poppy & Co.: You can buy these products at several locations in Singapore. Click here for a list of retailers.

And Then Some More

Other than the açai cafés that we have visited, there are a few more that merit a mention. A fusion of Hyggelig Scandinavian living and nourishing superfoods, Håakon serves Açai Bowls along with other food options.  Afterglow by Anglow serves a nice açai bowl too. Parallel advocates eating better not lesser and brings unsweetened, all natural Açaí Bowls to CBD. At Absolute Açai, devour fresh and organic authentic Brazilian Açai bowls (Açai na Tigela) in their signature açai base of açai blended with guarana, 100% natural coconut water, fresh bananas and fresh apples.

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