Vegan Recipe: Kale Salad, Seeds & Grains (Courtesy Chef Shannon Binnie, The Botanic)

The Botanic, is well-known for its spectacular plant-based dining and one of its most popular dishes is the Kale Salad, Seeds & Grains! The fabulous mix of Kale, golden raisins, nuts and seeds, shallots, capers and pomegranate, with a sprinkling of quinoa is extremely well balanced and tastes fabulous. Here is the recipe contributed by Group Executive Chef Shannon Binnie of The Botanic.

8 Top Thai Restaurants in Singapore, for Vegetarians & Vegans

Pad Thai Noodles

Singapore has a mind-boggling array of Thai restaurants that will keep even the critics happy. Vegetarians and vegans need not worry either, there are many Thai restaurants in Singapore that offer a decent selection of veg delights. Here is our pick of the Top Thai Restaurants in Singapore, for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Grand Hyatt Singapore: Making Green Choices to Save the Planet

Grand Hyatt Singapore has been the flag bearer for a shift towards a more sustainable way of life. From making ethical and sustainable food choices, to reducing food wastage, making sure edible food reaches the plates of needy, managing waste and generating power from it, it goes the whole hog in making a difference and reducing its carbon footprint.

Spread Some Christmas Cheer in Singapore with Charity & Donations

Make Christmas a little nicer by sharing your good fortune with those less furtunate. We show you where you can donate this Christmas in Singapore. Make the most of what you can offer – money, help or pre-loved articles – and make it a Christmas to remember for someone.