9 Best Asian and Asian Fusion Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Singapore

Asian Vegetarian & Asian Vegan Food & Restaurants in Singapore

Asian cuisine has been and continues to be one of the most popular cuisines globally. If you love Asian vegetarian food, you have a lot to rejoice for Singapore has several restaurants that offer glorious vegetarian Asian food.

The restaurants that we mention here all dish up a range of Asian or Asian-fusion dishes, from Korean and Japanese to Peranakan and Thai. What’s more is that all of the restaurants mentioned here are vegetarian-only restaurants, with several of them being vegan and all having plenty of vegan choices. Visit them now and thank us later! Psst, we also have lists of the best Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican & Japanese vegetarian restaurants for you.

Genesis Vegan

Bibimbap: A traditional Korean rice dish served in a hot pot that gives the rice a crispy finish at the end. It is served with our miso red bell pepper sauce and kimchi
Bibimbap: A traditional Korean rice dish served in a hot pot that gives the rice a crispy finish at the end. It is served with our miso red bell pepper sauce and kimchi. (Image Credit: Genesis Vegan’s Facebook Page)

Genesis Vegan is the dream of every vegan craving Asian food. The restaurant advocates wholesome eating, with delicious plant based food that is dairy free as well. Sugar, salt and oil levels in the food are closely monitored and the use of MSG is strongly discouraged. Though the location may not be the best, the food more than makes up for it. The Organic Mint Tea (S$3) is a great way to start the meal. The Bakuteh Rice (S$8.90) is a great choice for mains with a side of Kimchi (S$3). A star dish is the chef recommended Dumpling (S$6). If you’re vegan, you’ll probably love the Tofu Cheese Cake (S$4.50) which doesn’t have any dairy based cheese. They also have quite a few dishes that don’t contain onion or garlic. If you’re craving more than Asian, check out the Lasagne, with cashew sauce, mushrooms and brown lentils.

Genesis Vegan: 115 Owen Road, 218922 Singapore. P: +65 6438 7118

Gokul Vegetarian

Vegetarian Fish Head Curry
Vegetarian Fish Head Curry (Image credit: Gokul Vegetarian’s Facebook page)
 Vegetarian Prawn Sizzler
Vegetarian Prawn Sizzler (Image credit: Gokul Vegetarian’s Facebook page)

A much-loved Asian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, Gokul Vegetarian features Indian, Indian-fusion and local cuisine and is a good choice for those who might be trying to turn vegetarian as it features vegetarian versions of many non-vegetarian dishes. While we don’t particulary fancy dishes like Vegetarian Fish Head Curry or Prawn Sizzler, we have to say they do look like the real deal, so if you’re missing the meat, Gokul might be a good bet. Gokul Vegetarian has a vast menu and they offer catering services as well. We prefer to stick with the real veg stuff like Punjabi Samosa (S$5) and Chinese Rojak (S$9). Skip the usual soups and have the typically south Indian Rasam which is prepared with tamarind juice, tomato, pepper & cumin (S$ 3.5). They also have a range of Dosas between S$5 to 7.50. For Asian mains, Sambal Goreng (S$8.0), Gokul Special Hokkien Mee (S$8) and Shahi Paneer make the cut perfectly. But you just can’t leave without the Gulab Jamun (a milk solid based dessert balls fried and soaked in light sugar syrup, S$4.0).

Gokul Vegetarian: 19 Upper Dickson, Road Singapore 207478. P: 6396 776


Customised Bento
Customised Bento (Image credit: Greendot’s facebook page)

If you’re craving some hearty asian vegetarian fare, look no further than Greendot. Greendot has ample branches dotting the island, so you are never far from one. Order one of their Customised Standard Bento which comes with a type of rice, a main, two greens and a bowl of soup, all for S$7.90. The Signature Rendang Mushroom Bowl (S$11.90) and the Angelica Herbal Noodle (S$7.90, with 10 Chinese herbs such as Angelica, Licorice and Wolfberry and claims to be perfect cure for cold weathers and lousy moods, aids blood circulation and reduces cholesterol) are what you must dig into when you are here. Don’t bother with the salads, they’re pretty much just lettuce with a couple pieces of fruit thrown on top.

Greendot: The place is quite popular and has 10 outlets in Singapore. Check the contact numbers and addresses right here

Joie By Dozo

Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone at Joie by Dozo
Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone (Image credit: Joie’s Facebook page)

A cut above the rest as it is a fine dining restaurant, it serves brilliant Asian food. Joie (pronounced ‘joy’) by Dozo offers vegetarian Japanese-European fusion food in a chic contemporary ambience. They offer set menus — the 6 Course Set Lunch (S$38.80++) and the 7 Course Set Dinner (S$68.80++). Dishes such as the Dragon Fruit Lotus with Truffle Vegetable Garden (dragon fruit with Japanese dressing, vegetable salad and asparagus perfumed with truffle), the Japanese Kunbu Broth with hand carved Tofu and the Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone (grilled monkey head mushroom on lava stone serve with truffle mash potato) are worth visiting the place for. Joie also features on our list of 15 Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Singapore.

Joei By Dozo: 181 Orchard Road #12-01 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896. P: 6838 6966

Loving Hut (Vegan)

Herbal Soup Set
Herbal Soup Set (Image credit: Loving Hut’s Facebook page)

Loving Hut is a place where everyone who goes in comes out gushing about how vegan food isn’t necessarily boring. Loving Hut is definitely a must-dine-at place for the herbivores. one of their Signature dishes, the Banana Leaf Nasi Campur (S$12.90) is a great Asian Fusion Rice Set served with Fruit Achaar, Spicy Eggplant, Seasonal. Greens, Scrambled Tofu, Nyonya Rendang. Try their Tomyam Ocean Hotpot Set (S$12.90) and wind up the meal with Tedchew Oh-Nee (Yam Paste) w Ginko Nut & Pumpkin (S$7.90) which is a signature dessert.

Loving Hut: 229 Joo Chiat Rd #01-01 Singapore 427489. P: 6348 6318

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Nature Café

Nature Cafe
(Image credit: Nature Café’s Insta)

Nature Café is a vegetarian cafe serving food without the use of MSG, garlic and onion with emphasis on healthy Asian cuisine. Some of the favourites here are the Yang Zhou Fried Rice (S$6.42), Mix Vege Hor Fun (S$5.89), Lotus Roots w Black Bean Tonic Soup (S$7.49) and Hokkien Mee (S$5.89). Gorge without guilt and enjoy.

Nature Cafe: Available at 4 locations at Jurong, Kallang, Bukit Merah and Suntec


Saute Singapore
(Image credit: Sauté’s Website)

A vegetarian restaurant with oodles of vegan options, Sauté does vegan alternatives to many vegetarian dishes on request, so do ask. From the Fresh Ramen, order the Chef special Bamboo Salt Miso Kelp Soup Ramen, Herbal Poh Chai Mee and the Sambal Petai Fried Rice, all of which are vegan. The Mini Steamboat Set (good for 1 or 2 pax) is good, with the Tom Yummy Seaweed Shrooms Steamboat being a Chef Special as well.

Saute: Bugis Cube #02-08, 470 North Bridge Rd, S(188735). P: +65 9007 5507

Sunny Choice

Abacus at Sunny Choice
Abacus (Image credit: Sunny Choice’s Website)

Sunny Choice has a range of delightful vegetarian dishes served in bright, sunny interiors. One of the most popular dishes here is the Abacus. The Veg Sushi, the Bibimbap and Fruit Vegetable Rojak are also much appreciated and worthy of a visit to Sunny Choice.

Sunny Choice: You can dine at Sunny Choice in 3 locations at The Rail Mall, Bukit Batok Central and Bukit Merah. Check here

Whole Earth

Steamed Jade Wraps: Sweet long cabbage leaves stuffed with wood ear mushrooms, bamboo pith, celery, carrots and more cabbage
Steamed Jade Wraps: Sweet long cabbage leaves stuffed with wood ear mushrooms, bamboo pith, celery, carrots and more cabbage (Image credit: Whole Earth’s Facebook page)

Singapore’s first and only plant-based restaurant to be awarded the inaugural Michelin Bib Gourmand 2016, Whole Earth is a wonderful place to have authentic Peranakan and Thai food. The Enchanted Forest (Succulent monkeyhead mushroom and fresh broccoli in perfect harmony with a specially blended sauce of angelica root “dang gui” and wolfberries), Nonya Curry, Penang Rendang and Olive Rice are absolute must haves.

Whole Earth: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331. P: +65 6221 6583

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