9 Best Chinese Restaurants for Vegetarians, in Singapore

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Vegetarian Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

Chinese food is globally loved as it encompasses within its fold a range of flavours and tastes as varied as you can only imagine. There is the sweet & mild Cantonese, the piquant and bold Sichuan, the colourful Jiangsu, the mellow Zhejiang, the light Fujian, the spicy Hunan, the unusual & wild Anhui and the savoury & crisp Shandong. There is no one taste that you can attribute to Chinese cuisine and with global influences seeping in, versions of Chinese are local favourites in many countries. After all Chilly Paneer is something that no Indian feast feels complete without.

Singapore has a complete array of Chinese restaurants that cater to vegetarians who can rejoice they don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. Here is a pick of some of the finest and Best Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants out there and others that are Mainstream (non-veg) Chinese Restaurants with enough Vegetarian options to make the plant-based eaters hooked too; in no particular order. We know this list isn’t exhaustive, but these are some that have been tried by us or our readers. If we missed your favourites – vegetarian-only or mainstream with vegetarian options, please do let us know by commenting below.

8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

A Platter of 6 Cold Starters at 8 Treasures Vegetarian
A Platter of 6 Cold Starters (Image credit: 8 Treasures’s Facebook Page)

Serving delicious vegetarian Chinese food since 2007, Eight Treasures Vegetarian has become a landmark of sorts for vegetarians. One of the pioneers of encouraging vegetarianism, they have dishes that taste heavenly and totally rubbish claims that only non-vegetarian food can be truly yummy. On offer are Handmade Chefs Specialties such as Veg. Roast Goose made using Beancurd Skin and Mushrooms, Veg. Peking Duck made from Fresh Yam, Veg. Suckling Pig made from Creamy Potato and Veg. Golden Squid made from Fresh Golden Mushrooms. Indulge guilt free in the Eight Treasures Veg. Sharks Fin Soup, along with a range of main course and side dishes to choose from. For the health conscious, they even have an array of salads on offer.

8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant: 282A South Bridge Road Singapore 058831. P: 6534 772

Lingzhi Vegetarian 

Sautéed Chinese Artichoke, Mountain Yam and Winged Beans at Lingzhi Vegetarian
Sautéed Chinese Artichoke, Mountain Yam and Winged Beans (Image credit: Lingzhi’s Facebook Pg)

An all vegetarian restaurant, Lingzhi Vegetarian has been dishing up Chinese Vegetarian Gourmet Cuisine since 1991. Their dishes are innovative and full of wholesome goodness, natural and organic ingredients. Lingzhi has 2 outlets at Liat Towers and Velocity@Novena Square. Both outlets offer 3 Set Menus (S$148++ for 4 persons, S$238++ for 6 persons, $368++ for 8 persons, $438++ for 10 persons) and an a-la-carte menu. Get to try star dishes like Sautéed Honshimeji Mushroom with Asparagus, Macadamia Nut and Fresh Lily Bulb in Crispy Basket, Charcoal Beancurd with Golden Oyster Mushroom and Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Mushroom Truffle Bisque served in Stone Pot, and Abacus Seed with White Pepper Sauce served with Crispy Sweet Potato. The Velocity outlet also offers a Lunch Buffet, Hi-Tea Buffet (27 dishes, Adult: $14.80++, Child: $9.80++ ) and Dinner Buffet. Information on Lingzhi Vegetarian’s menus and buffet prices.

Lingzhi at Liat Towers: Liat Towers #05-01, 541 Orchard Road, Singapore 238881. P: +65 6734 3788
Lingzhi at Velocity@Novena Square: #03-09/10, 238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683. P: +65 6538 2992

Lotus Vegetarian & Lotus Kitchen

Lotus Vegetarian Chinese
(Image credit: Lotus Vegetarian’s Facebook Pg)

Among Singapore’s most iconic Vegetarian Chinese Buffet Restaurant, Lotus Vegetarian has been dishing out over 100 Asian delicacies since 2003. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant offers various buffet options – Weekdays: Lunch (Child: S$14.80++, Adult: S$20.80++), Dinner (Child: S$14.80++, Adult: S$22.80++), Weekends: Lunch (Child: S$14.80++, Adult: $24.80++) and Dinner: S$14.80++, Adult: $24.80++). Try their signature dishes like Yam Rings with Mixed Vegetables, Lion Mane Mushroom with Black Bean Sauce and Lotus Cold Dish Platter. A more recent concept by Lotus Vegetarian, Lotus Kitchen serves vegetarian contemporary Chinese and local favourites made with natural premium ingredients. It also serves some favourites from the former such as Double Boiled Tian Ma Soup and Crispy Soya Wrap with Passionfruit.

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant: 201 Balestier Road, Quality Hotel Marlow (Level 2), Singapore 329926. P: +65 6254 0090
Lotus Kitchen: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-01/02 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413. P: +65 6538 1068

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Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant

With more than 30 years of serving vegetarian Chinese delicacies in Singapore, Miao Yi is a vegetarian stalwart. They pride themselves on the quality of food prepared using natural and wholesome ingredients. The restaurant is loved by many meat-eaters too as the menu abounds in mock-meat. Popular dishes here include the Steamed Cod Fish and Creamy Shark’s Fin Soup With Crab Slice.

Miao Yi: 101 Upper Cross Street,People’s Park Centre #03-32, S 058357. P: +65 6467 133

Yan Ting

Although not a pure-veg restaurant, Yan Ting serves some great veg dishes. Serving hearty Cantonese food, the dishes at Yan Ting will please even the most discerning diners. With traditional cooking, diverse ingredients and natural flavours of fresh ingredients, the restaurant offers a decent range of vegetarian fare. It offers an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner and also a weekend dim sum brunch highlighting its most awarded dishes. Chinese Vegetarian dishes on offer would be the Braised Mock Abalone (S$28++), Stir Fried Ginko Nuts with Asparagus and Elm Fungus (S$28++), Steamed Crystal Rice Roll Filled with Mushroom (S$12++) and Vegetarian Mushroom Spring Roll (S$8++), to name a few. They also have a Vegetarian Set Menu for minimum 2 persons (S$98++/pax) with a range of delightful dishes. Give the Dim Sum Brunch a try either from the a la carte menu or the set menu.

Yan Ting: The St. Regis Singapore, Level 1U29, Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911. P: +65 65066887

Din Tai Fung

Refreshing Bittergourd Marinated with Black Bean Sauce at Din Tai Fung, Singapore
Refreshing Bittergourd Marinated with Black Bean Sauce (Image credit: Din Tai Fung)

From an oil store to a dumpling outlet to a full-fledged Taiwanese Restaurant, Din Tai Fung has surely come a long way. Din Tai Fung offers a total of 18 vegetarian dishes across all restaurants and 11 Paragon exclusive dishes that are vegetarian. Some of the exclusive vegetarian choices at Paragon include the Refreshing Bittergourd Marinated with Black Bean Sauce and Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms (Filled with mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, parsley and fungus, and best paired with the specially concocted dipping sauce of chilli and Chinese coriander). Recommended vegetarian dishes at other Din Tai Fung outlets include the Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings, Stewed Beancurd Cubes with Honey Sauce and Fried Rice with Eggs (ask for it to be done without egg).

Din Tai Fung: Available all over Singapore at many locations. Check Din Tai Fung’s Locations

Min Jiang

Min Jiang is named after the Min River in China. Established in 1982, Min Jiang is reputed for serving some of the best Chinese cuisine in Singapore. The award-winning restaurant serves Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines, along with delicious dim sums. Recommended vegetarian dishes include the Rice Crisp with Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup (Small S$22++), Sautéed Vegetarian Chicken with Dried Red Chilli (Small S$22++), Deep Fried Sichuan Onion Pancakes (S$9++ for 4 pcs), Braised Beancurd with Bamboo Pith in Claypot (Small S$24++),  and Vegetarian Peking Duck (S$22++).

Min Jiang: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221. P: +65 6730 1704

Spring Court 

Spring Court has been serving Singaporean Chinese since 1929, making it the oldest Chinese eatery on the island. A family run restaurant, it prides itself for striving to put in their best to see customers happy. This is not a vegetarian-only restaurant but they offer a Vegetarian Set Menu at S$68, with vegetarian chinese dishes like Double-boiled Soup with Coconut, Broccoli w/Sweet & Sour Sauce, Steamed Beancurd Roll w/Black Moss, Panfried Assorted ‘Bee Hoon’ Fresh Water Chestnut Paste. They also offer a Vegetarian Set Menu for 10 persons at S$680 – dishes include Eight Varieties Platter, Deep Fried Yam Ring w/ Vegetables, Winter Melon with Vegetables, Braised Mushrooms w/ Black Moss, Varieties Noodles. Given its reputation, Spring Court is unlikely to disappoint.

Spring Court: 52-56 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058348. P: 6449-5030

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Chopsuey Café

Chopsuey Cafe Chinese Vegetarian
Ending on a sweet note (Image credit: Chopsuey Cafe’s Facebook Page)

Chopsuey Café by PS.Café is an Asian café serving Chinese food that is inspired by westernised Chinese food. Perhaps not authencially Chinese in the strictest sense, Chopsuey Café does serve good Chinese Food where colourful produce comes together with bold flavours to create a nice experience. While PS.Cafe has many branches, Chopsuey Café has two – one on Dempsey Road and the other on Martin Road. At the Dempsey Road Café, the menus offer many dishes that are vegetarian or can be modified for vegetarians. Choose from the likes of Summer Rice Paper Roll Salad (fine rice paper bundles with cos, basil, mint, sawtooth corriander, tofu, freshly shelled sweetcorn, chilli & vinegar pouring sauce); Chopsuey Chopsuey or ) Szechuan Pepper Chilli Tofu They even offer vegetarian Dim Sum. End on a sweet note with PS Ginger Brulee or Hummingbird Pavlova, among other tempting dishes on the desserts menu.

Chopsuey Café: Block 10, Dempsey Road, #01-23, S 247700. P: +65 9224 6611
Chosuey Café: No.38 Martin Road, S 239072. P: +65 8188 6177


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