Vijay Krishnamani – Overcoming a Hearing Disability

Vijay Krishnamani was born with almost 100% hearing loss in both ears. Despite the profound hearing loss, he learnt how to hear, speak, read and write, thanks to hard work and support from his parents and teachers. I have had the privilege of connecting with Vijay, who presently works in Singapore, with Tata Consultancy Services. He is […]

Suniye – Helping the Hearing Impaired

Did you know that today India is home to 15 million hearing impaired citizens? Try to grasp the full implications of complete hearing loss in a baby. An infant who cannot hear sounds, can usually not be taught how to speak, read or write. Few can be taught sign language, which gives them the ability […]

Japan – What to expect!

Kawaii was the only Japanese word I learnt during our 2-week-long trip to Japan. Our twins managed to draw a crowd (well, almost) anyplace we went and we were frequently greeted with sounds of “Kawaii, Kawaii”, which means cute, by the way.